Petition 80349

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Responsibilities (80349-MH-¶340.3b)

Add new sub-paragraph after ¶ 340.3b)(6)
3. Order:
b) To administer the temporal affairs of the church in their appointment, the annual conference, and the general church.
(1) To administer the provisions of the Discipline.
(2) To give an account of their pastoral ministries to the charge and annual conference according to the prescribed forms.
(3) To provide leadership for the funding ministry of the congregation.
(4) To promote faithful, financial stewardship and to encourage giving as a spiritual discipline.
(5) To lead the congregation in the fulfillment of its mission through full and faithful payment of all apportioned ministerial support, administrative, and benevolent funds.
(6) To care for all church records and local church financial obligations, and certify the accuracy of all financial, membership, and any other reports submitted by the local church to the annual conference for use in apportioning costs back to the church.
(7) To promote, support, and model generous Christian giving, with special attention to teaching the Biblical principles of giving.

c) To participate in denominational and conference programs and training opportunities....


It is important that clergy at all levels actively make giving a part of their personal ministry and teaching in support of Christian discipleship in the lay members in their congregations.