Petition 80348

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Qualifications (80348-MH-¶324.4)

Amend ¶ No.  324.4  
4. Graduate Requirement:
a) Candidates for deacon or elder shall have completed a minimum of twenty-four semester hours of graduate theological studies in the Christian faith. These graduate theological studies must include the areas of: Old Testament; New Testament; theology; church history; mission of the church in the world; evangelism; theology and discipline of financial giving; worship/liturgy; and United Methodist doctrine, polity and history. These courses may be included within or in addition to a seminary degree....


The required coursework for clergy members of The United Methodist Church should include instruction in the theology and discipline of financial giving.  The New Testament teachings of Jesus indicate that this was a key area of concern in new disciples.  Clergy members need to understand the important task they have...