Petition 80338

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DCOM and Certified Lay Ministers (80338-MH-¶663.10)

Amend ¶663.10 as follows:
¶ 663.10. The committee shall examine all persons who apply in writing to be certified as lay ministers. When there is evidence that their gifts, evidence of God’s grace and usefulness, warrant and that they are qualified under ¶ 272, and on recommendation of their charge conference, the committee shall recommend their certification or recertification.
The district committee shall report annually to the annual conference through the annual conference board of ordained ministry a roster of all persons certified as lay ministers.


While the 2004 Book of Discipline created the category of certified lay minister, it did not adequately explain how a certified lay minister relates to the annual conference through the district committee on ministry and the conference board of ordained ministry. This proposed legislation addresses the situation and alleviates confusion.