Petition 80333

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Younger Clergy (80333-MH-¶634.1)

Amend ¶634.1 as follows:
¶634. Conference Board of Ordained Ministry—1. Each annual conference at the first session following the General Conference, shall elect for a term of four years a board of ordained ministry. At least six ordained elders and deacons in full connection and, when possible, at least two associate members or local pastors who have completed the Course of Study shall be included as members of the board. Each annual conference shall elect at least one-fifth laypersons, which may include diaconal ministers, and may at its discretion elect further lay members, up to one-third of the membership of the board. All lay persons shall be professing members of local churches in the annual conference. The board membership shall include   women and ethnic persons, at least one ordained clergyperson in the retired relationship, at least one ordained clergyperson in extension ministry, and when possible at least one young adult clergyperson in full-connection age 35 or younger, and a district superintendent named by the bishop to represent the cabinet. Two-thirds of the members who are elders shall be graduates of seminaries listed by the University Senate.


Inclusion of younger clergy on the conference board of ordained ministry.