Petition 80327

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Assignment of Bishops (80327-SU-¶407.1)

Amend ¶407.1 as follows:
¶407. Assignment Process—1. Jurisdictional Committee on Episcopacy—The jurisdictional committee on episcopacy, after consultation with the College of Bishops, shall recommend the assignment of the bishops to their respective residences for final action by the jurisdictional conference; it shall not reach any conclusion concerning residential assignments until all elections of bishops for that session are completed and all bishops have been consulted.  A bishop may be recommended for assignment to the same residence for a third quadrennium only if the jurisdictional committee on episcopacy on a two-thirds vote and the jurisdictional conference by a two-thirds vote determines such assignment to be in the best interest of the jurisdiction .
The date of assignment for all bishops is September 1 following the jurisdictional conference.
A newly elected bishop...


This legislation simplifies the process by which bishops are assigned to an Episcopal area for a third term by eliminating the two-thirds vote requirement by the jurisdictional committee on episcopacy and the jurisdictional conference.