Petition 80322

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Changes in Conference Relationship (80322-MH-¶353)

Amend ¶353 as follows:
Section XIV. Changes of Conference Relationship
353. Provision for Change in Conference Relationship—When ordained ministers sense that God is calling them to seek a change in conference relationship is deemed necessary or desirable by a probationary or associate member, clergy in full connection, district superintendent or bishop,  either whether for a short or long term, the person(s) requesting the change  they are urged to review this with colleagues, the district superintendent, and the bishop . Probationary and associate members and members in full connection seeking a change in conference relationship shall make written request to their board of ordained ministry stating the reasons for the requested change of relationship. In addition, the board of ordained ministry may request personal interviews with the probationary or associate members and members in full connection named in the request ing ed  the change in relationship , except where personal appearance results in undue hardship.36  Clergy appointed to a general agency of The United Methodist Church shall be covered by the policies of the agency in relation to family leave, maternity or paternity leave, and incapacity leave.


To bring clarity to the process for changing conference relationships.