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Educational Requirements for Local Pastors (80312-MH-¶324.6d)

Amend ¶324.6 as follows:
6. Local pastors may fulfill the requirements for probationary membership and commissioning when they have:
a) reached ...
d) an Advanced Course of Study consisting of thirty-two semester hours of graduate theological study offered in a seminary recognized by the University Senate  or its equivalent as determined by the General Board of Higher Education and Ministry that shall include the areas of evangelism, and United Methodist history, doctrine, and polity (see Judicial Council Decision 823). The thirty-two semester hours may be offered in a seminary setting or in an extension setting that meets the requirements of the University Senate.10


To give clarity to the educational requirements for local pastors becoming probationary members. Evangelism courses are included in the Course of Study and therefore do not need to be repeated in the Advanced Course of Study.