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Probationary Membership (80310-MH-¶324)

Amend ¶324 as follows:
Section VI. The Commissioned Minister as  Probationary Membership
¶ 324.
Qualifications for Election to Probationary Membership and Commissioning—A person shall be eligible for election to probationary membership and commissioning in the annual conference by vote of the clergy session on recommendation of its board of ordained ministry after meeting the following qualifications.
1. Candidacy Requirement: Each candidate shall have been a certified candidate for probationary membership and commissioning for at least one year and no more than twelve years.
2. Service Requirement: Each candidate shall have demonstrated his or her gifts for ministries of service and leadership to the satisfaction of the district committee on ordained ministry as a condition for probationary membership and commissioning .
3. Undergraduate Requirement: A candidate for probationary membership and commissioning shall have completed a bachelor’s degree from a college or university recognized by the University Senate . . .  
6. Local pastors may fulfill the requirements for probationary membership and commissioning when they have:...
8. Each candidate shall present a satisfactory certificate of good health by a physician on the prescribed form. Disabilities are not to be construed as unfavorable health factors when a person with disability is capable of meeting the professional standards and is able to render effective service as a probationary member. and commissioned minister .


Make distinct from commissioning the requirements for probationary membership. (For commissioning, see ¶325.)