Petition 80031

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Greenhouse Emissions (80031-C1-¶160.B)

Amend ¶ 160 Section B of the Social Principles, as follows:
Affirming the inherent value of nonhuman creation, we support and encourage social policies that are directed toward rational and restrained transformation of parts of the nonhuman world into energy for human usage and that de-emphasize or eliminate energy-producing technologies that endanger the health, the safety, and even the existence of the present and future human and non-human creation. Further, we urge wholehearted support of the conservation of energy and responsible development of all energy resources, with special concern for the development of renewable energy sources, that the goodness of the earth may be affirmed. We recognize that many human activities emit greenhouse gases into our atmosphere, impacting the global climate. Therefore we encourage actions by individuals, businesses, churches, organizations, and governments which reduce human-produced greenhouse emissions.