Petition 80280

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Gender (80280-CO-¶16-C)

Amend ¶¶16.1 and 16.14 as follows: 
¶16. Article IV.--The General Conference shall have full legislative power over all matters distinctively connectional, and in the exercise of this power shall have authority as follows:
1. To define and fix the conditions, privileges, and duties of Church membership, which shall in every case be without reference to race, gender or status.
2. To define and fix...
14. To secure the rights and privileges of membership in all agencies, programs, and institutions in The United Methodist Church regardless of race, gender or status.
15. To allow the annual conferences...


Recommends adding “gender” to those protected in this list of duties of General Conference.  Given our long-standing work in eliminating gender bias and sexual misconduct in the Church, it is glaring that gender is not included with retirees (status) and race, especially related to duties #2, 3 and 4.