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Older Adult Recognition Day (80265-DI-R9999)

Add a new resolution to The Book of Resolutions as follows:
WHEREAS, special observances in The United Methodist Church are intended to illustrate the nature and calling of the church and are celebrated annually; and
WHEREAS, special observances are placed on the calendar to make clear the calling of the church as the people of God; and
WHEREAS, both the population in the United States and throughout the world is increasingly aging and growing older as more people are living longer; and
WHEREAS, the average age of the membership in The United Methodist Church is comprised of persons 60 years of age and older; and
WHEREAS, older adults make significant and important contributions in the life of The United Methodist Church and to the spreading of the gospel throughout the world; and
WHEREAS, the scripture commands us to “honor your father and your mother,”
Be it therefore resolved that The United Methodist Church observe an annual Older Adult Recognition Day; and
Be it therefore further resolved that an Older Adult Recognition Day may be observed annually, preferably during the month of May. The day is to recognize and celebrate the gifts, talents, and contributions older adults make within and beyond the local church. The day should also provide congregations with the opportunity to learn more about the issues and concerns related to aging and older adulthood. The Committee on Older Adult Ministries will have responsibility for the supervision and promotion of the observance of this special day.


Spirituality is key to a vital old age; aging is often called a spiritual journey. Because the Committee on Older Adult Ministries believes that congregations should recognize, encourage, equip, and support the gifts and service of its oldest members, it proposes intentional acts of recognition for older adults in ministry.