Petition 80261

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Receiving Members from Other Churches (80261-LC-¶225)

Amend ¶ 225 as follows:  
225. Transfer from Other Denominations—A member in good standing in any Christian denomination who has been baptized and who desires to unite with The United Methodist Church may  shall be received as either a baptized or a professing member. Such a person may be received as a baptized member by a proper certificate of transfer from that person's former church , or by a declaration of Christian faith,  or some certification of Christian baptism and as a professing member upon taking vows declaring the Christian faith through appropriate services of the baptismal covenant in our ritual (see ¶¶ 214–217).
In baptism water is...


An interpretation of ¶ 225 could suggest that persons from other Christian churches may become professing members without taking the vows of professing membership, contrary to the requirements for professing membership in ¶ 217. This proposal brings ¶ 225 in line with ¶ 217.