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Lay Responsibility for Growth of the Church (80260-DI-R9999)

Add a new resolution to The Book of Resolutions.

WHEREAS, The United Methodist Church has steadily lost membership for many years in its country of origin; and,
WHEREAS, in the most recent year’s totals, The United Methodist Church lost 70,000 members, thus exceeding the previous year’s losses of 60,000 members; and,
WHEREAS, the historic strength of The United Methodist Church lay in well-equipped laity who were passionate in their beliefs; and,
WHEREAS, the clergy of The United Methodist Church continue to equip the laity for the task of winning commitments for Christ through witness, service and transforming ministry; and,
WHEREAS, too many of our laity no longer claim that core responsibility of every Christian to find those who are lost and lead them into a church home,
Therefore be it now resolved that we, the laity, accept collegial responsibility with the clergy for the growth and vitality of The United Methodist Church.