Petition 80024

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Jurisdictional Administrative Review Committee (80024-JA-¶413.3)

Amend 413.3 by adding a new  “f” after  “e”.
¶ 413.3f. Jurisdictional Administrative Review Committee -There will be a Jurisdictional Administrative Review Committee composed of two bishops from the college and one clergy  and one lay from the Jurisdictional Conference and one additional member who shall be a lay or clergy who is gender and  culture specific with the respondent.  The committee shall be elected by the Jurisdictional Conference for the quadrennium, except the additional member who shall be named by the respondent.  In addition, there shall be one lay and one clergy alternative elected from the Jurisdictional Conference.  The purpose of the committee shall be to ensure that the disciplinary procedures for the complaint processes shall be properly followed to ensure the fair process.  This committee will be convened to review the process when either the respondent or complainant makes such request.  The committee reports to the College of Bishops with recommendations for corrective measures.


In the process of Judicial or Administrative complaints against bishops in the Jurisdictional Conference there is no committee giving oversight to the process such as “Administrative Review Committee” in the Annual Conference process.