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Africana Hymnal Study (80217-DI-NonDis-!)

The General Board of Discipleship, in accordance with ¶ 1114.3 of The Book of Discipline, petitions the General Conference to enact the following in accordance with ¶ 16.6:
A study committee is hereby constituted and authorized to determine the need for an official United Methodist hymnal for North American Christians of African descent in the Wesleyan heritage. The study shall address music, worship, liturgy, and ritual needs and development, including but not limited to the basic worship, liturgy, and ritual of the Church (basic pattern, services of Word and Table, services of the Baptismal Covenant, services of death and resurrection, funeral ritual, services and prayers for celebration days in these cultures, Psalter, prayers), Wesley texts and tunes, service music, and hymnody from the several Africana languages and cultures represented in our Church in North America. The study shall include emerging technologies and alternative delivery systems.
The study committee shall consist of up to nine voting members as follows:
1) Two persons named by the General Board of Discipleship
2) Two persons named by The United Methodist Publishing House
3) One person named by Black Methodists for Church Renewal
4) Up to three persons named by The Pan-Methodist Commission (subject to verification of the participation, commitment and financial support provided by Pan-Methodist bodies in the larger project)
5) One active bishop named by the Council of Bishops
The bishop named by the Council of Bishops shall convene the first meeting of the study committee and supervise the process of election of officers.
The committee may establish subcommittees and add consultants as it sees fit.
The committee shall submit its findings and recommendations to The General Board of Discipleship and The United Methodist Publishing House for reporting and possible enabling petition to the 2012 General Conference in accordance with paragraph 1114.3.
The management and cost of the study will be shared by The General Board of Discipleship and The United Methodist Publishing House as determined by those agencies, in accordance with their responsibilities, mandates, and available funds and personnel.