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Church and Community Workers (80197-GM-R9999)

Adopt the following resolution:

    Whereas, several bodies are unified in the development of four "mission initiatives "to be presented to General Conference 2008 in order to build a collaborative movement in Leadership Development, Building New Congregations and Revitalizing Existing Ones, Ministry with the Poor, and Combating the Preventable Diseases of Poverty; and 
Whereas, Church and Community Workers are among those leaders involved in a comprehensive approach to the nurture, outreach and witness of both rural and urban churches; 5 and 
Whereas, developing contacts and linkages between local church/cooperative ministries and community groups is key to the understanding of and response to human hurt and need, and is a primary strength of the Church and Community Ministry program; and 
Whereas, for decades Church and Community Workers have worked effectively in mission outreach with the United Methodist Church in town and rural, urban and specialized settings; and
Whereas, the goals of the Church and Community Ministry program are closely aligned with the focus of the proposed "mission initiatives” on leadership development, ministry with the poor and combating poverty; and 
        Whereas, Church and Community Workers are the only cadre of missionaries serving within the bounds of the U.S.A. who are employed and assigned by the General Board of Global Ministries; 
        Therefore, be it resolved that the General Board of Global Ministries, in its support of the "mission initiatives," continue to recruit, enlist, train, adequately fund, and deploy Church and Community Workers; and 
Be it further resolved, that the funding partnership continue between the local area, annual conference, and the General Board of Global Ministries in order to place Church and Community Workers in economically depressed areas where they are desperately needed.