Petition 80194

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Connectional Table Membership (80194-GA-¶906)

Amend ¶ 906  by addition as follows and re-alphabetize the remaining.:
  (f) One representative able to represent the variety of rural ministries in the United States and the breadth of issues facing rural America to be elected by the Connectional Table upon nomination by: 1) The Advisory Team of the National Comprehensive Plan for Town and Country Ministry; 2) jurisdictional Town & Country associations; 3) the United Methodist Rural Fellowship; and 4) the Rural Chaplain Association.


In the United States 25,000 rural United Methodist congregations are home to 2.9 million members.  The Connectional Table needs the gifts brought by one who has the focused perspective from the context of rural and/or town and country ministry and rural socio-economic-cultural-environmental issues.