Petition 80189

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Removal of Continued Appointment (80189-MH-¶334)

Amend ¶ 334 as follows:
¶ 334. Ministry, Authority, and Responsibilities of an Elder in Full Connection
1. . . .
2. There are professional responsibilities and standards of effectiveness (¶ 634.2q)db  that elders are expected to fulfill and that represent a fundamental part of their accountability and a primary basis of their continued eligibility for annual appointment. Thes e The professional responsibilities shall include:
  a) – e). . .
3. If an elder fails to meet these professional responsibilities or standards of effectiveness, the provisions of ¶ 362.4c may be invoked.  In addition, if the bishop and cabinet consider an elder to be unappointable due to a history of ineffectiveness, the bishop may choose not to make an appointment.  In such event, the bishop shall be in consultation with the elder and the board of ordained ministry. The elder in full connection shall then request a voluntary leave of absence, retire, voluntarily surrender  his or her credentials and conference membership, be placed on involuntary leave of absence due to ineffectiveness, or be terminated by disciplinary procedures.


This petition ties effectiveness to continued appointment by the Bishop.  It is written to increase the effectiveness of our Elders and to offer the highest quality leadership possible to all the churches and an effective yet compassionate process to remove elders who have been shown to be ineffective.