Petition 80181

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Recommendation (80181-MH-¶311.2a)

  Amend ¶ 311.2a of the 2004 Book of Discipline as follows:
  a) consult with their pastor and committee on pastor or staff-parish relations after formulating a written statement reflecting their call to ministry and requesting recommendation for certification. The candidate shall be reviewed by the committee on his or her statement of call and Wesley’s historic questions in ¶ 305 ; . A positive recommendation by the pastor and a two-thirds affirmative vote of the committee shall be required prior to the action specified in § 2b below.  


  While ¶ 311.2a implies that recommendations by the staff-parish relations committee and the pastor are required in order for  a candidacy application to move forward, the current language does not in fact say that. The additional sentence proposed here would make that requirement specific.