Petition 80177

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Remove National Flag (80177-C1-¶164.C)

Amend paragraph ¶ 164. V. THE POLITICAL COMMUNITY
C) Church and State Relations—The United Methodist Church has for many years supported the separation of church and state. In some parts of the world this separation has guaranteed the diversity of religious expressions and the freedom to worship God according to each person's conscience. Separation of church and state means no organic union of the two, but it does permit interaction. National flags, being political symbols that mark the divisions of humankind, do not belong in a space where we celebrate our baptismal oneness as citizens under the sovereignty of God. Symbols used in the church should affirm the unity that all peoples can know through baptism into Christ; national flags are by their nature exclusive and thus contrary to Galatians 3:27 - 28, which affirms our oneness in Christ.  The state should not use...