Petition 80176

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Local Church Potential Assessment (80176-LC-¶213)

Amend ¶213 as follows:
213.1   In static, declining, or changing population areas, local churches may take the opportunity to  Since every congregation is located in a community in some type of transition, every local church is encouraged to study their congregation’s potential. Upon the request of the congregation the district superintendent shall appoint a study task for to do  assist in an extensive study of the past, present, and potential ministry of that local church...
3. The members of the local church shall consider the recommendations and adopt a response to them.  develop goals and a ministry action plan in response to the recommendations. The district superintendent shall report the results of the study and the congregation’s response to the cabinet,...


Regular assessment of all congregations can be an effective tool to help them move toward excellence and keep them from becoming complacent.