Petition 80170

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Certified Lay Minister and Sacraments (80170-MH-ΒΆ272)

Add new subparagraph 2 after paragraph 272 and renumber the following subparagraphs.
New Paragraph 272.2:
    The Certified Lay Minister shall, upon completion of a continuing education course in the proper administration of the Sacraments which has been approved by the Conference Board of Ordained Ministries, be granted a limited local license to celebrate the Sacraments of Baptism and Holy Communion within the congregation or congregations to which the Certified Lay Minister has been assigned.  


Certified Lay Ministers are to “enhance the quality of ministry to small membership churches.”  This call is impossible to answer when the Certified Lay Minister cannot offer the foundational celebrations of our faith.  Without this limited Sacramental authority, Certified Lay Ministers and their churches find themselves to be second-class citizens.