Petition 80169

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Removal of Financial Penalty (80169-MH-¶359.2b-$)

Amend the Book of Discipline, page 266, ¶359.2b to read:
  b). With thirty-five years of service or at age Sixty two—At their own request and by vote of the clergy members in full connection, any clergy members who have attained age sixty-two on or before July 1 in the year in which the session of the annual conference is held or will have completed thirty-five years of service under appointment as an ordained minister, or a local pastor with pension credit for service before 1982 or with full participation in the Comprehensive Protection Plan since 1981,  as of the conference session may be placed in the retired relation with  an annuity claim for an actuarially reduced pension  (see par.1506.4i).  with the privilege of making an annuity claim.


Those serving the church for thirty five years should not be penalized financially for not serving forty years.  Surely the church wants all retirees to receive as much of the benefits available to them for their service.  The Board of Pensions does not need this funding mechanism.