Petition 80167

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Non-UM Seminaries (80167-MH-¶1416.2)

Amend ¶1416.2  as follows:
2.    Every effort shall be made by both the annual conferences and institutions to sustain and support each other, but identification of an institution with The United Methodist Church shall depend upon its approval by the senate.  The senate shall provide adequate guidelines and counsel to assist institutions seeking initial or renewed affiliation.  The senate shall in no wise remove affiliation of any school in good standing solely for the purpose of increasing attendance at another school, nor shall the senate remove affiliation without specifically informing the school in question of the rationale for such action, and the remedy to avoid such action at least five years in advance of such action. Schools removed from affiliation solely because of a policy to increase attendance at other schools shall be re-affirmed retroactive ten years to the printing of this book.  We appreciate the diversity of theological education offered by non-United Methodist schools that have hired United Methodist staff and have implemented United Methodist classes to train our clergy.


Old Methodist Disciplines exhorted Methodists to do business with other Methodists.  Those exhortations were removed because monopolizing and side-stepping a free market for the financial profit for ourselves as an exclusive group is not in line with what we believe to be Christian, nor is it fair or beneficial to...