Petition 80162

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Recodification of The Book of Discipline (80162-FA-NonDis-!)

We request the 2008 General Conference to authorize the establishment of a task force to carefully examine and restructure the Discipline in order to resolve conflicts and omissions.  The General Conference instructs the task force that they may not omit or change the Discipline except as necessary to resolve conflicts or correct omissions.  The task force shall be named by the Executive Committee of the General Council of Finance and Administration and be made up of no more than fifteen persons to include the Editor of the Discipline, two former members of the Judicial Council, one member of the Committee on Correlation and Revision, a representative of the Office of Legal Counsel of the General Council on Finance and Administration, a bishop with experience in presiding at church trials, two annual conference chancellors, and a maximum of seven other persons, to provide for ethnic diversity and to assure the composition of the task force is, insofar as possible, representative of the membership of the jurisdictions and the central conferences.  The task force shall bring a report to the 2012 General Conference.
Cost Reference:  The cost of the task force would be between $150,000 and $250,000 (depending on the number of meetings and whether or not persons with expertise in codification and indexing were hired to work with the task force).


The Book of Discipline of The United Methodist Church has been amended at least every four years since 1968, including major revisions to reflect restructure of the church in 1972 and 1976. These quadrennial revisions have resulted in major conflicts among the various sections of the Discipline as well as...