Petition 80016

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Associate Membership (80016-MH-¶321)

Amend ¶321 as follows:
¶321. Eligibility and Rights of Associate Members—associate members of an annual conference or in the itinerant ministry of the Church and are available on a continuing basis for appointment by the Bishop. They offer themselves without reserve to be appointed (and to serve as their superiors in office shall direct). They shall be amenable to the annual conference in the performance of their Ministry and shall be granted the same security of appointment as probationary members and members in full connection. They shall be ordained as elders in associate connection.


Those associate members under the 1991 Discipline are ordained deacon. There is no ordination for those coming in under the 2004 Discipline. Therefore to bring continuity to the associate relationship, there should be an ordination as elder and associate connection because the duties and responsibilities of associate members most resemble...