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Global Health Initiative (81569-GM-NonDis)

WHEREAS, Jesus invites his disciples to bring healing to the sick in Matthew 10:8; and
WHEREAS, John Wesley understood the deeply intertwined relationship between poverty and poor health, and
WHEREAS, John Wesley’s practical theology established high standards for disciples following the example of Jesus Christ to reach those on the margins of society; and  
WHEREAS, The people of The United Methodist Church have a long history of responding to social need; and
WHEREAS, the United Nations has committed to a new global partnership with a concrete plan called Millennium goals which were created to “reverse the grinding poverty, hunger and disease affecting billions of people;” and
WHEREAS, today a child dies every thirty seconds from malaria and where more than 42 million people are living with AIDS, a focus on global health is more urgent than ever before; and  
WHEREAS, malaria deaths and the other killer diseases of poverty will only be adequately addressed by significant additional funding of our health ministries and by forming creative partnerships; and
WHEREAS, Global Health is one of the key areas of focus of our denomination, with the aim to bring healing to the sick, and  
WHEREAS, we are prepared to respond to the Wesleyan admonition to “do good” in recognition that we have the hope, the people and the power to facilitate change;
Therefore be it resolved that the 2008 General Conference affirm the Global Health Initiative Campaign to Fight Malaria as a entry point into the broader struggle regarding global health issues;
Be it further resolved that affirmation is granted to pursue a capital campaign targeted toward malaria ministries as an extraordinary event in the life of the church; and
Be it further resolved that the General Conference affirm the raising $75 - $100 million dollars in support of Campaign to Fight Malaria.