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Building Medical School (81563-CC-NonDis-!)

Whereas South-Congo area has already had Katanga Methodist University (UMK) located in Mulungwishi with three schools: School of Theology, School of Education, and School of Informatics; and
Whereas, South-Congo area has a big hospital in Kapanga, North-West Katanga Annual Conference of 2006-2007 voted the creation of Medical School with the following objects:
1. To form Methodist Christian physicians because some of them came from state universities which have their own philosophy and ethic.
2. Kapanga Hospital is able to have medical school.
Whereas the above objects, North-West Katanga Annual Conference requires to General Conference 2008 the amount of 3000.000 $ as technical assistance to build 4 laboratories, students houses, classrooms, professors houses and equipment.