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Rev. Don Wildmon (81551-C2-R9999)

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WHEREAS within the past three decades there has been as ever growing disregard for those ethical standards (accepted by all branches of the Christian Church for centuries) regarding sexual activity only within marriage; and
WHEREAS the Rev. Donald Wildmon, a member of the Mississippi Annual Conference and President of the American Family Association, has been effective in supporting the long held Christian ethical position in regard to marriage and sexual matters; and
WHEREAS Rev. Wildmon has been especially effective in the last decade in causing the removal of television programs which promote promiscuous sex and/or violence,
BE IT THEREFORE RESOLVED BY THE 2008 GENERAL CONFERENCE THAT:  "That we commend Rev. Donald Wildmon for his efforts in the reduction of the promotion of promiscuous sex, especially outside of marriage on television and to reduce violence in television."