Petition 81548

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Campus Ministry Boards (81548-MH-¶311.2b)

Amend  ¶311.2.b)
    b) be recommended by the charge conference, or be recommended by the Board of Directors of a campus ministry unit. To be valid, such a recommendation shall be: i) approved by written ballot by two-thirds of the charge conference, or the Board of Directors of a campus ministry unit, present at this meeting, provided that in the case of an affiliate member there has been consultation with the pastor of the home church, and ii) the candidate shall have been graduated from an accredited high school or received a certificate of equivalency;


While some students experience a call to ministry in the context of local congregations, others experience it through campus ministries. This proposal builds on provisions in The Discipline that allow students to become at-large members through campus ministry, by making provision for them to enter ordained ministry through campus ministry.