Petition 81540

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Regional Conferences (81540-CO-¶27-C)

Amend ¶27 by addition and deletion
¶ 27. Article V.
The jurisdictional  regional conferences shall have the following powers and duties and such others as may be conferred by the General Conferences:
    1. To promote the evangelistic, educational, missionary, social-concern, and benevolent interests of the Church and to provide for interests and institutions within their boundaries.
    2. To elect bishops and to cooperate in carrying out such plans for their support as may be determined by the General Conference.
    3. To establish and constitute jurisdictional  regional conference boards as may be required and to elect their administrative officers. When two or more regional conferences agree, they may establish joint boards. Where such regional conference boards correspond to general boards of the Church, such boards shall be as auxiliary to the general boards of the Church as the need may appear and the regional conference shall to choose their representatives on the general boards in such manner as the General Conference may determine.
    4. To determine the boundaries of their annual conferences within their respective areas.  ; provided that there shall be no annual conference with a membership of fewer than fifty clergy in full connection, except by the consent of the General Conference; and provided further that this provisiion shall not apply to annual conferences of the former Evangelical United
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  Brethren Church during the first three quadrenniums after union.
   5. To make rules and regulations for the administration of the work of the Church within the jurisdiction  region including such changes and adaptations of the General Discipline as the conditions in the respective areas may require, subject to such powers as have been or shall be vested in the General Conference.
    6. To appoint a judicial court to determine legal questions arising on the rules, regulations, and such revised, adapted, or new sections of the jurisdictional conference Discipline enacted by the regional conference.
    6.  7. To appoint a committee on appeals to hear and determine the appeal of a traveling preacher of that jurisdiction from the decision of a trial committee.


This combines the existing powers of jurisdictional and central conferences in ¶27 and ¶31 of the constitution so that all regional conferences will have the same duties and powers.
It also allows regional conferences to create joint boards and agencies, something which is not presently in the Constitution.