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Preserving God's Creation (81526-DI-NonDis-!)

WHEREAS, the Youth and Young Adults of the 2006 Global Young People’s Convocation and Legislative Assembly recognize our calling as disciples of Christ to actively preserve and protect God’s natural creation; and
WHEREAS, young people from around the world are concerned about maintaining and preserving the natural environment, including our urban environment, and our role as Christians in positively impacting our environments; and
WHEREAS, specific concerns we as young people recognize include but are not limited to lifestyles that contribute to global warming, consuming environmentally friendly goods and resources, and providing congregations and individuals with the education necessary for enviro-conscience living; and
WHEREAS, we dream of a world in which The United Methodist Church sees protecting our environments a top priority, voicing concerns to our government’s leaders about vehicle concerns, providing more opportunities for utilizing “fossil-fuel free and non-nuclear” energy sources (wind and solar), preventing oil spills, and drilling in the Artic Wildlife Refuge; and
WHEREAS, we dream of a world in which The United Methodist Church takes a leading role in supporting locally grown/organic agricultures and environmentally friendly products; and we hope to see the church from local to global levels minimizing waste and recycling; using kitchen, office, and personal supplies that are chlorine-free and contain high post-consumer content; reducing the usage of fossil fuels and seeking alternative means of transportation; reducing production and consumption of harmful genetically modified organisms; and rewarding congregations and conferences for participating in environmental ways of living and improvements to society; and
WHEREAS, finally, we dream of a world in which the people of The United Methodist Church are equipped with the necessary tools and resources for making environmentally conscious decisions, both as individuals and congregations; in which youth and young-adult groups would make it an active part of their ministry to participate in activities that raise environmental awareness and preservation; in which confirmation students would discuss the importance of being environmental activists when preparing to join the church,
Therefore, to help the young people of The United Methodist Church begin to realize these dreams, we call upon the General Board of Discipleship, in conjunction with the Division on Ministries with Young People and the General Board of Church and Society, to develop an environmental guide to be used by conferences, churches, and individuals to help people lessen their impact on the natural world and further preserve and protect the environment by making environmentally conscious decisions in our personal and community lives.  
This guide is to be widely distributed among all annual and central conferences through digital and online media where possible and through paper publications as necessary.
A total $150,000 from appointed funds shall be allocated to this effort.