Petition 81519

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Delegate Age Change (81519-CO-¶32-C)

Amend ¶ 32. Article I as follows:
  ...the chair of the annual conference college student organization,59 one young person between the ages of twelve (12) and seventeen-(17) and one young person between the ages of eighteen (18) and thirty-(30)60  from each district  one youth and one young adult delegate from each district according to the age definition of each Central Conference but being the youth delegate not younger than twelve (12) and no older than twenty-two (22) and the young- adult delegate not younger than eighteen (18) and not older than thirty-five (35) to be selected...


Life and cultural circumstances of young people are very different across the world. Varying ages better reflect the situation of different young persons and therefore better represent the youth and young adults in their countries. In addition, it is hard for some Central Conferences to find youth delegates under 18...