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Political and Social Unrest (81516-C1-R9999)

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We, the people of The United Methodist Church, affirm that terrorist activities and harmful radical religious opinions, especially in developing countries, are the consequences of serious social cleavages (i.e. poverty, oppression due to conflict, discrimination, segregation).
Furthermore, we strongly oppose an exclusive religious ideology of any faith that fails to recognize the humanity of all people.
We, the people of The United Methodist Church, agree that within the global community there exist instances where the natural rights of citizens are not upheld. Infringements on these rights as well as instances of political injustice within nations are cause for political unrest and instability. Such events lead to personal and social unrest, leading to violence and war. Whereas the church’s stance is to combat violence and war peaceably, it is the responsibility of the church to take action against such infringements and injustices.


Because it is part of the mission of The United Methodist Church to promote peace and justice in the world, it is a necessity to take preventative action against the issues which, when left unchecked, are the precursors to war and human-rights violations.