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Study on Young People's Ministry (81510-DI-NonDis)

A petition to the 2008 General Conference:
WHEREAS, young people are a vital part of today’s Body of Christ and essential to the leadership of the church of tomorrow, and the spiritual health of younger generations of the Church will depend on rethinking the current youth ministry model in The United Methodist Church; and
WHEREAS, The United Methodist Church is currently reaching a disproportionately low number of young people, effective ministry to youth and young adults in the future must come from thinking creatively about how we define and categorize the roles of young people’s ministers; and
WHEREAS, Young People’s Ministry is a dynamic field and each ministry has a unique cultural context, effective ministry in the Body of Christ requires passionate people who serve as dedicated Lay Ministers, Deacons and Elders,
Therefore, let it be resolved that the General Board of Discipleship’s Division on Ministries with Young People will study effective models for youth and young adult ministry and define the role of a Youth Minister in a way that affirms, supports and resources those called to Young People’s ministry, whether they are called to serve as Laity or Ordained ministers. 

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