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Global AIDS Fund and Comprehensive Education (81508-GM-NonDis-!)

A petition to the 2008 General Conference:
We support the work and mission of the Global AIDS Fund in addressing the AIDS pandemic around the globe and call for its renewal. The United Methodist Social Principles state that “all individuals living with HIV and AIDS should be treated with dignity and respect.... We urge the Church to be actively involved in the prevention of the spread of AIDS by providing educational opportunities to the congregation and the community” (Social Principles ΒΆ 162.III.S).
In our support of the work and mission of the United Methodist Global AIDS Fund, we call for its expansion. The Global AIDS Fund shall develop comprehensive educational resources concerning prevention, harm reduction, myths and stigma regarding HIV/AIDS, and care for individuals and communities living with HIV/AIDS to be made available to local churches, annual conferences, and central conferences throughout the connection.
A total of $100,000 from World Service funds shall be allocated to this effort.

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