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Equipping Young People (81507-DI-NonDis)

A petition to the 2008 General Conference:
Young people want to be part of a church that is meaningfully present and active in the world; we want to be part of a church that is relevant to who we are and who we want to be. Young people must be and are leaders in building that kind of church. Jesus’ death on the cross implores that we uphold the highest standard when it comes to the ways we treat one another. Furthermore, the ways we interact with one another and the way the church interacts in and with society shape the effectiveness of the Church in fulfilling its mission. As stated in The Book of Discipline, “The mission of God is best expressed in the prayer that Jesus taught his first disciples: Thy kingdom come; thy will be done, on earth as in heaven. All Christians, therefore, are to live in active expectancy: faithful in service of God and their neighbor; faithful in waiting for the fulfillment of God's universal love, justice, and peace on earth as in heaven” (ΒΆ 131).
To this end, we call on the general boards and agencies of The United Methodist Church to more fully incorporate justice in the framing of all of their resources and publications, especially those for young people.  
We call on The United Methodist Publishing House to promote and produce resources that equip young people to bring about concrete change to build a just church and a just society.  

We call on the General Board of Church and Society, the General Board of Global Ministries Women’s Division, and the General Commission on Religion and Race to take a more active role in working with The United Methodist Publishing House and the General Board of Discipleship in producing and promoting these resources. We request that the following considerations be integral in the creation of new resources and in the updating or creation of new editions of existing resources.
Resources shall

  • Facilitate our exploration into who we are as children of God, as members of communities, and as participants in cultures and societies
  • Encourage us to build meaningful relationships that allow us to be vulnerable with one another, that we might understand how we relate to those around us and how we can experience those relations through love
  • Celebrate our diversities and differences, in all their beauties and complexities, that we might learn from each other the ways in which we knowingly or unknowingly stifle each other’s identities
  • Engender the intertwining of our identities with our sisters and brothers around the world
  • Increase our understanding of our Wesleyan and Methodist heritage, which situates personal holiness within the mutually reinforcing foundation of social holiness
  • Equip us to repair broken relationships between individuals and between individuals and society through reconciliation and reparative justice
  • Develop skills and intuitions that empower us to critically analyze our societies and societal systems and the ways in which they contribute to our understandings of place and privilege in the world
  • Equip us to use these analyses of ourselves in the larger societal context to work toward combating institutional oppression
  • Apply the Christian vision of righteousness to social, economic, environmental, and political issues and resource us to carry out this vision
  • Engage the Social Principles
  • Include Bible study guides, online resources, blogs, books, curricula, and interactive multimedia

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