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Immigration Video (81504-C1-NonDis-!)

The Church shall produce a video presentation of the issues of immigration, specifically the personal realities that immigrants face in different global settings. The video shall be global in nature, with perspectives from each continent, ensuring that there is representation from the central conferences. The video shall be produced through a partnership of the General Board of Global Ministries and the General Board of Church and Society by the United Methodist Communications in consultation with the Division on Ministries with Young People. After production, the video shall be shown at every annual conference throughout the connection as well as posted on the Internet as a downloadable resource for all congregations. The General Conference shall establish an approximate budget of $150, 000. The funding shall come from the quadrennial budgets of the above-named agencies.  

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The world is experiencing a crisis concerning immigration issues and the rights of immigrants. The Book of Resolutions has established a theological stance regarding this matter. This is a critical issue for young people throughout the United Methodist connection and the world. The slogan of The United Methodist Church is...