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Define Mental Illness (81500-C2-NonDis)

The United Methodist Church defines Mental Illness.  It is not a disease of the brain.  The United Methodist Church should define the term “mental illness” as a spiritual illness as the result of a combination of unresolved life traumas (causing a spirit of fear as in 2 Tim 1:7) and unforgiveness.  Forgiveness brings about spiritual healing.  Unforgiveness in the soul (the lesser, the somatic element of the spirit) will not allow spiritual healing which manifests in a person’s life in a negative way.  It then becomes destructive.  It becomes demonic.  This can affect the Christian as well as the non-Christian.


“Psychiatrists have been searching for more than a century for some biological marker for mental disease, to little avail.”  In fact, psychiatrists have no good answer ... “.
The New York Times Article  
“Snake Phobias, Moodiness and a Battle in Psychiatry”  
by Benedict Carey,  
June 14, 2005
          Because there are...