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World Service Specials (81488-FA-¶819)

Amend ¶ 819 as follows: World Service Specials Gifts—1.World Service Specials are official programs within The United Methodist Church through which support may be designated for projects approved by the General Conference and in the interim by the General Council on Finance and Administration and the Connectional Table.
A World Service Special Gift  donation is a designated financial contribution made by an individual, local church, organization, district, or annual conference to a project authorized as a World Service Special project. All general boards and commissions (see ¶ 810.2) except those units of the General Board of Global Ministries  authorized to receive general Advance Specials Gifts are authorized to recommend World Service Special Gift projects for approval by the Connectional Table , provided the project is specifically related to one or more of the Disciplinary functions of the recommending agency.
3. General guidelines governing the types of projects that may be recommended as World Service Special projects shall be approved by the General Conference on recommendation of the Connectional Table and the General Council on Finance and Administration.
4. The World Service Specials Gifts program shall be under the administrative supervision of the General Council on Finance and Administration, and programmatic supervision of the Connectional Table which jointly shall: (a) establish project approval criteria consistent with the guidelines adopted by the General Conference; (b) establish the process by which projects may be recommended and approved; (c) approve projects to receive World Service Special Gift support; and (d) provide adequate staff administration and program accountability.
5. Churches and individuals shall give priority to the support of World Service and conference benevolences and other apportioned funds. World Service Special Gift giving shall be voluntary and in addition to the support of apportioned funds. World Service Specials Gifts shall not be raised as a part of a fund apportioned by an annual conference.
6. Local church treasurers shall remit World Service Special Gifts  donations in full to annual conference treasurers, who shall remit each month to the General Council on Finance and Administration the total amounts received during the month as World Service Specials Gifts . The council shall remit such gifts  funds in full to the administering agencies, which shall acknowledge the receipt of every gift  donation to the donor or the local church.
7. General promotion of this program, for purposes of name identification and visibility, shall be the responsibility of the General Commission on Communication.
8. Specific cultivation of approved projects shall be done by the administering agencies to specific audiences that have demonstrated their interest and concern for the ministry contained in the approved project. Expenses for specific cultivation shall be borne by the administering agencies. No promotional or cultivation expenses shall be paid from World Service Special Gifts receipts. Such expenses shall not exceed amounts approved by the General Council on Finance and Administration and the Connectional Table under guidelines approved by the General Conference.


The changes in this paragraph reflect the coordination between GCFA and the Connectional table with regard to special gifts. The Connectional table brings “ministry and money to the same table to coordinate the mission, ministries, and resources of the United Methodist Church.” (¶ 901) The General Council on Finance and...