Petition 81487

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Global Warming (81487-C1-NonDis-!)

The United Methodist Church, through the General Board of Church and Society, or other assigned general agency, shall
Ø   Create a plan for evaluating the current status of contributions to global warming throughout the United Methodist connection by churches, institutions, and staff;
    Ø   Create specific recommendations for reduction of contributions to global warming such as: solar panels or other renewable energies, meetings by conference call rather than driving, insulating buildings, etc.
Ø   Create a conference based reward system for substantive changes;
Ø   Create a nationwide reward and publicity plan for substantive changes;
Ø   Develop an ecumenical effort to support changes which reduce global warming.
    UMDF shall consider loans to local churches for global warming reduction programs.
This petition calls for conferences, which could be left to each Annual Conference to do and support.  The creation of a nationwide reward and publicity would require funds, though not significant that would need to be allocated from the General Budget.  The proposition that UMDF offer loans is within the scope of their general operation and therefore no additional funds should be required.


This petition proposes a means whereby all United Methodist Churches can be supporting in making changes that will benefit the environment, the church and the greater community.  It ensures that we are living the directive to be stewards of what God has created.