Petition 81470

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Trials (81470-JA-¶2707)

Amend ¶2707 as follows:
¶  2707. Fundamental Principles for Trials-Church trials are to be regarded as an expedient of last resort. Only after every reasonable effort has been made to correct any wrong and adjust any existing difficulty should steps be taken to institute a trial. No such trial as herein provided shall be construed to deprive the respondent or the Church of legal civil rights, except to the extent that immunity is provided as in ¶ 2701.9. No such immunity shall be provided any person who fails to follow each step provided in the Book of Discipline. The rule of law governing immunity shall be the same as in secular courts where “Ignorance of the law excuses no one.” A superintendent or bishop who fails to follow the mandates of the Discipline are still held accountable because it is there job to know our governing rules, therefore a claim of “I didn’t know the Book of Discipline states that” would be no excuse, and their ignorance does not excuse them.
All trials shall be conducted according to The Book of Discipline in a consistent Christian manner by a properly constituted court after due investigation.


In 2000 the Secretary of the South Carolina Conference told me that he was removed from an investigating committee because he dared tell the bishop that my suspension was the “most mishandled thing he had ever seen.” If our Book Of Discipline states that there are fives steps to take...