Petition 81467

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Complaint (81467-JA-¶2706.4a)

Amend ¶2706.4a as follows:
a) If possible, the respondent and the person(s) bringing the original complaint shall be brought face to face, but the inability to do this shall not invalidate an investigation. Notice of the hearings shall be given to all parties, and the person(s) bringing the original complaint and they all shall be permitted to be present during testimony, but not during deliberations. Any offer of reimbursement for mileage, lodging, and food for those bringing the charges shall be duplicated in every respect and in every regard for the respondent’s witnesses to be present.  Proceedings in the investigation shall be informal. No oaths shall be taken. All procedural decisions shall be made by the chairperson.  


In 2000 the bishop’s secretary made arrangements for lodging, food, and mileage for my accuser and her father. No such offer was made to those who were traveling from the same town to testify for me. Where was the fairness in this?