Petition 81466

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Complaint (81466-JA-¶2706.2c)

Amend ¶2706.2c as follows:
    c) When respondent is a bishop, a clergy member of an annual conference, clergy on honorable or administrative location, a local pastor, a
clergyperson, or a diaconal minister
-A respondent who is a bishop,
a clergyperson, or a diaconal minister shall be entitled to select a
clergyperson in full connection to serve as respondent’s counsel. And if the respondent requests, a clergy person shall be appointed by the District Committee on Ordained Ministry from within the district in which he or she is assigned. A respondent shall be entitled to choose one assistant counsel without  voice who may be an attorney.  


In 2000 I paid an attorney $13,000 to defend me against a false allegation. He sat beside me but was not allowed to open his mouth. He took notes during the proceedings and determined that according to South Carolina law, that the United Methodist Church had placed itself in a...