Petition 81465

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Complaints (81465-JA-¶2706.2a)

Amend ¶2706.2a as follows:
...Counsel for the Church shall be entitled to choose one assistant counsel without voice who may be an attorney. The same right of counsel shall exist for the respondent. The respondent shall have the opportunity to have an assistant for counsel either chosen by the respondent or appointed by the local District Committee on Ordained Ministry from which district the respondent serves. In addition to one assistant for the respondent, the respondent shall have the right to employ and have present an attorney. This attorney shall have the right to speak as an advocate for the respondent.


It is all but impossible to get an active clergy member to represent a respondent in a proceeding against him. My only help came from a clergy person already retired from the “system.” An attorney being present for the respondent will give the respondent the opportunity to be fully protected...