Petition 81462

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Complaints (81462-JA-¶362.3g)

Amend ¶362.3g as follows:
g) In order to preserve the integrity of the Church’s administrative process and ensure full participation in it at all times, the bishop, cabinet, board of ordained ministry, witnesses, advocates, administrative review committee, clergy in full connection voting in executive session, and all others who participate in the Church’s administrative process shall have immunity from prosecution of complaints brought against them related to their role in a particular administrative process, unless they have committed a chargeable offense in conscious and knowing bad faith. Willfully disregarding the guidelines set forth in the Book Of Discipline in regard to such matters that bring about the suspension of a clergy person shall be considered ‘clear and convincing evidence’ that that person acted ‘knowingly in bad faith.” The complainant/plaintiff...


In 1999 I attempted to read from the Book of Discipline at my second “Supervisory Response” to prove to the bishop that not one single rule given by the Discipline had been followed in my case. His only response to me was, “I am ruling that you have had a...