Petition 81460

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Complaints (81460-JA-¶362.1b)

Amend ¶362.1b as follows:
b) Supervisory Response-The supervisory response is pastoral and administrative and shall be directed toward a just resolution among all parties. It is not part of any judicial process. The person against whom the complaint is being placed shall be advised well in advance of this meeting as to give him or her adequate time to prepare for the meeting and to allow adequate time to invite another person to accompany him or her to the meeting. Under no circumstances shall a Supervisory Response be conducted unless the accused is advised of the reason for the meeting. Since the Supervisory Response is not a judicial process, no suspension shall result from such a meeting. At any meetings no verbatim record shall be made; no legal counsel shall be present; the person against whom the complaint was made may choose another person to accompany him or her with the right to voice; the person making the complaint shall have the right to choose a person to accompany him or her with the right to voice.67
The supervisory response should be carried out by the bishop and district superintendent in a confidential and timely manner, with attention to communication to all parties regarding the complaint and the process. At the determination of the bishop, p  Persons with qualifications and experience in assessment, intervention, or healing may  shall be selected to assist in the supervisory response. The bishop also may consult with the committee on pastor-parish relations for pastors, the district committee on superintendency for the district superintendents, appropriate personnel committee or other persons who may be helpful. The supervisory response may  shall include a process that seeks a just resolution...


In 1999 I was suspended from pastoral ministry without knowing any details of the complaint, who made it, and was simply asked to drop by the District Office for a meeting. Since I was the chair of the District Committee on Superintendency, I thought it had to do with that...