Petition 80145

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Deletion (80145-GA-¶714.9)

Delete ¶714.9.  Renumber following paragraphs as needed.
¶714.9. All management staff persons of general agencies shall be persons who model themselves after the servanthood of Jesus Christ. They shall be persons of genuine Christian character who love the Church and are committed to the oneness of the body of Christ, are morally disciplined and loyal to the ethical standards of The United Methodist Church as set forth in the Social Principles, and are competent to administer the affairs of a general agency.


Paragraphs 714.8 and 714.9 are duplicative with respect to elected staff, however deleting ¶714.9 as proposed would permit non Christians, such as Jews and Muslims, to be employed in non elective management positions.  A UM agency should be permitted to employ a Jewish person as a treasurer or office manager.