Petition 81443

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Gift of Membership (81443-LC-¶216)

Amend ¶216 by adding a new #4 as follows:
4. Professing Membership is a gift, a privilege and a responsibility and should be entered into with much discernment and self examination in light of the vows of membership (¶217.1-7).   It is the responsibility of the pastor to work with prospective members in interpreting the vows and to discern readiness for membership, consulting with key leaders in the church as needed.  To the pastor is given the authority to determine readiness for membership, in keeping with our commitment to be an inclusive church. (see ¶4)  


Currently our polity is unclear about who has the authority on membership.  This petition seeks clarity which is healthier for the church. We believe pastors have been well prepared for this privilege in the process of ordination examination and training.  Clarity is better than ambiguity.