Petition 81440

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Retired Clergy (81440-CO-¶602.1)

Amend ¶602.1 by adding  a new d) and relettering the remaining text:
d) Retired clergy who are eligible to vote at Annual Conference sessions may choose to withdraw their privilege of vote for reasons of, 1) such medical condition as to make attendance difficult or impossible;  2) located geographically inconvenient;  or 3) lack of interest.  This privilege can be withdrawn annually or permanently, and restored by letter within the allotted time frame. If in attendance such persons shall have voice at Annual Conference sessions but not vote. A conference may poll its retired clergy for this purpose. When 1) is the case, such choice may be made by spouse or one with power of attorney.


Many retired clergy do not show up for Annual Conference. Yet the delegate count for laity has to match the clergy many of whom are not in attendance. This imposes a financial burden on districts to supply the necessary number of lay delegates, which number could be reduced if this...